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Choose a language: Feedback| Contact us| Favorite Welcome to Jiangsu Jinwo Servo Punch Co., Ltd. website!

Service Hotline: +86 139 6177 5165



Jinwo Punch - Intelligent servo stamping equipment custom butler

Committed to providing a complete set of stamping solutions for enterprises

Years of experience in servo stamping equipment manufacturing

Create a sound management mechanism to ensure product quality

After the raw materials are inspected, the whole process is tracked

A wide range of testing equipment and comprehensive testing procedures

Industry standard manufacturing process to ensure product quality

Manufacturing R&D team masters core technology

Craftsmanship, patent certification

Has won a number of patented technologies and research and development results

Technical engineers understand your needs, design custom products and personalized punch solutions for you

Strict quality inspection system to ensure the quality of the factory

Product quality assurance, normal operation of the press

The parts of the products are all of reliable quality, and the quality of the products is controlled from the source

The product has to undergo three full inspection processes from production to shipment to ensure the quality of the factory

Swift after sales

Intimate service, let you sit back and relax

Pre-sales: technical team tailored solutions to your needs

In-sale: Track all aspects of R&D and production, strictly control each process, and pass the factory after passing the product

After sales: 24-hour response, sound maintenance and troubleshooting mechanisms

National Advisory Hotline: +86 139 6177 5165

Jiangsu Jinwo Servo Punch Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jinwo Servo Punch Co., Ltd., Swiss RUSKIN, and Yamada Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly develop and manufacture high-end, high-precision, high-efficiency, high-energy-saving intelligent servo stamping equipment and provide complete stamping technology solutions, making them among the world is leading products. Provide customers with turnkey production lines for stamping production lines. and can provide flexible financing solutions according to the actual situation of customers. Over the years, with strict detailed production management and high-quality...



The concept of high-speed punching machine: loading high-speed punching machine with corresponding mold, sending various metal materials to the punching machine through the feeder, and then punching out the corresponding parts...
Relationship between punching machine precision and mold precision
The accuracy of the stamping part depends to a large extent on the precision of the stamping die. The higher the precision of the high-speed die, the higher the accuracy of the stamping part...
Maintenance and maintenance of auxiliary equipment for high-speed punching machines?
1. Maintenance and maintenance of the CNC indexing head. CNC indexing head is a common accessory for CNC milling machines and machining centers...
Installation focus of high-speed punching machine clip feeder
Nowadays, the clip feeders on the market are divided into many models and specifications. It is important to understand the importance of installing clip-on feeders. The direction of the clip feeder should be from left to right. The position of the installation and the end of the automatic feed shaft should be placed on the left...